macOS - Adding PhoenixPrint

Note that this requires administrative rights.

  • Open Finder.

  • Click Go.

  • Click Connect to Server…

  • Type:

  • Enter your floridapoly\NetID and your password.

  • Copy the MacOSX10.9_or_later.pkg to the local computer desktop or download folder.

  • Double click the copied pkg file to run and start the installation process.

  • Follow the on-screen prompt to complete the driver installation.

  • Click System Preferences, then click Print and Scan.

  • Click the + to add a new printer.

  • Press and hold the control then click a blank area of the toolbar

  • Click Customize Toolbar.

  • Drag the Advanced icon onto the bar then click Advanced.

  • Windows printer via spools device type.

  • Enter the Device URL

  • In Name: type PhoenixPrintPS.

  • Click the drop-down from Use: then click Select Software.

  • Click the KONICA MINOLTA C258 PS driver then click OK.

  • Click Add.

  • Setting up PhoenixPrint will appear.

  • Click FS-533 under Finisher.

  • Click PK-519 (2/3-Hole) under Punch Unit.

  • Click Ok.

  • To test send a job to PhoenixPrint, if a password box appears then enter your Florida Poly NetID and your password.

Please note that if the print job does not send and is being held in the queue in a paused state, then the credentials are wrong and need to be updated in KeyChain. Open KeyChain and remove the credentials, then the printer will prompt for your new credentials. The macOS will not say if the credentials are wrong or expired.